You guys know the movie, We Need to Talk About Kevin? I think that, very soon, someone needs to write a sequel called We Need to Talk About Anne

(Source: US Weekly)

  1. judiism said: oh… oh my.
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    No…just…god no. You are not “haute couture” Anne, so slow your roll homie.
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    I actually thought that was a leg brace…but she has two. Dear God.
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    UUUGHHHHH, what in the mother effing WHAT!!?
  6. dailybaxter said: what the fuck is going on here?
  7. almosthalfway said: for some time now, i’ve been pretty sure i disliked her. CONFIRMED.
  8. cynicismandspunk said: The hooha being out in the breeze bothers me much much MUCH less than the bondage shoes
  9. chicagodoll said: Cannot stand this human. I passed up buying a magazine I really wanted to read the other day because she was on the cover.
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    y’all, I watched her on Letterman last night and she was so cute and charming and wearing an adorable red, probs...
  11. searchingperfection said: jesus. h. christ.
  12. somuchcatlove said: Yuck
  13. bees-knees said: polio isn’t anything to joke about, anne.
  14. scuppertime said: She needs undies. And to throw those boots away.
  15. curtncurly said: NOPE. Gross.
  16. ilikeyourwigjanice said: ugh
  17. stickyhide said: like that dress with the crazy back and the slit isn’t weird enough…shinguards?
  18. canttuchthis said: angelina minus any sort of sexual attractiveness whatsoever. I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR KNEE BRACE, ANNE.
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