mavieenrose said: i'm going to a 30th birthday party tomorrow night at a "lounge." considering my usual M.O. in the winter is to only frequent establishments where i can wear jeans, uggs, and an oversized sweater, i'm at a loss for what to wear. any ideas?

Option number 1: Don’t go because “lounges” are stupid. 

Option number 2: Dark jeans tucked into non-Ugg boots, oversized sweater, lots of jewelry, some sort of clutch situation. 

Option number 3: Seriously, stay home, I think it’s going to be fucking cold out, order Thai food instead. 

Option number 4: Sweater dress, fleece-lined leggings, same boots from option 2, blazer over sweater dress. Consider this “stealth warmth.”  

Option number 5: I dress like a hobo, don’t listen to me. 

  1. wanderlusternyc said: Actually it will be in the 50s tomorrow. Gross. But that’s flats weather to mr.
  2. mavieenrose said: you’re the best.
  3. megwhat said: "I dress like a hobo"
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