Anonymous said: I'm a 3L graduating in May. I'm planning/hoping to spend next semester being about as lazy as possible, drinking too much sometimes (often), and generally enjoying my flexible schedule as much as I can. Anything you recommend I definitely do before starting my big firm job in the fall? Also... do you have a snack drawer in your desk and if so, what is currently in it?

Here is what I think you should do, Anon. I think you should give yourself a BIG OLD PAT ON THE BACK because that is EXACTLY what your 3L spring semester should consist of. Other things I recommend include joining a pool, not going to class, and sleeping as much as possible. Oh and study for the bar at some point, I guess. Minor detail. 

I don’t have a snack drawer because if I kept snacks in a drawer I would eat them immediately. I tried this once and ended up eating a week’s worth of almonds in three hours. Don’t look at me, I’m hideous. 

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