constantlyintransition said: if you could open your own clothing/retail store...what would you sell? what style? Price point? GO NUTS!

I know this is sort of random, but I think I would sell stationery. Like, cards and notepads and journals. Going into Greenwich Letterpress is sort of a religious experience for me, and I think being in that sort of environment all day would be really calming and happy. And I could stream KCRW’s music channel and doodle in sketch books and generally be very content with my life. 

This is a boring answer. Sorry! Can I change it to a combination liquor store and stationery shop? That would be ideal, I think. 

  1. meredithbklyn said: Dream life
  2. darkillumination said: StationEry
  3. girlwearsmascara said: great answer! i love stationery, too.
  4. tangledupinblonde said: Not a boring answer! Some of my chicest friends would love to open a stationary shop! I would sell fabric. Rolls and rolls of beautiful fabric.
  5. tippyinnyc said: ahaha greenwich letterpress visits were my thing like once a week for multiple years. i would just like walk in there, pick things up, put them down, take a moment. love it.
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