Man Up: The CEO of Light Beer Takes Issue With Miller Lite

Jon Bois of SB Nation wrote a series of letters from the CEO of the fictional “Light Beer” company described in Miller Lite’s utterly awful and offensive “Man Up” ads. Here’s an excerpt: 

Once again, though… I don’t mean to be a Nitpicking Norman, but I couldn’t help but notice that once again, your commercial is… well, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that you were leveraging already-existing gender biases to try to shame men into drinking your beer.

This ad explicitly defines the drinking of Light Beer as “unmanly behavior.” Far more discouraging, though, is the insinuation that being “unmanly” is inherently undesirable. Did you know, sir, that there are many human beings who are not men? Did you also know that there are many men who have no interest in the contemporary pop-culture definition of “men,” and that we have no call to shame them simply for being who they are?

Slow clap, Jon Bois. Slow clap. 

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