This weekend, The Dude and I hosted a Fourth of July party. It was supposed to be on our apartment building’s terrace, and part of it was, but given the midday thunderstorms, we had to move most of the party decorations inside. Don’t worry, though, because the look that I was going for totally worked indoors as well as out:


Watch your back, Young House Love. I’m coming for you.

Just saw the Kara Walker exhibit at the Domino Sugar factory. The hour-long wait was worth it.



Eh. Needs more head tilt. Kate Middleton did it better, in my opinion

(I’m so happy that people come to me with Joe Biden, Beyonce, cheese, and now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ news. I’ve carved out a pretty great niche.)




This guy became an American hero today. 

The only reason we made it as far as we did.

Man of the match x4

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Yes, on every level, the conservatives in this country have given more rights and more privilege to corporations controlled by a few wealthy individuals than they have to those companies’ workers or to the general public. It predates this birth control tizzy. 

Today’s decision is disappointing, but so is everyone’s ennui about government until it affects something they personally care a great deal about for symbolic purposes. WATCH YOUR FUCKING SAUSAGE GET MADE ALL THE TIME, PEOPLE. Policy is not soccer where you can shout about it once every four years and call yourself an educated participant. How so many of you ignore this part of the world every other day of existence except for today, that’s just as infuriating to me as the dipshits at Hobby Lobby who pushed this through… because this ignorance and inattention to the actual process of policy in government (not just the headline politics) is ENABLING this to happen as much as their lawyers, money, and government corruption enable it. 

Brian said it better than I ever could. 

We officially live in a country where corporations have more rights than women.

Step 1: Come up with idea

Step 2: Start working on idea 

Step 3: Wait approximately one year

Step 4: Finish idea

Step 5: Put finished idea in the back of your closet for six months 

Step 6: Frame idea:

Step 7: Pat self on back for taking 18 months to color and hang some shit on your wall

Step 8: ?? 

Step 9: Profit

Can’t decide if my neighborhood will be more crazy if Greece wins or loses.



Either way, should be wildly entertaining.

oh god the sadness emanating from the clubtaurants is incredible.


Anonymous said: i'm a first year at an nyc firm and I fucked something up for a partner and all my other work is suffering too because i'm so jammed up on this assignment. kind words, stories of your fuck ups, hugs, photos of joe biden, etc. would be helpful.

Everyone in big law fucks shit up. We all work way too hard (and way too many hours) to not fuck something up eventually. However, I have 100% been there and it is The Absolute Worst Feeling In The World. (Your partner has been there, too, by the way. Try to keep that in mind.)

The best things you can do to get past it are to:

  1. Be honest about your mistake (meaning, don’t try to throw other people under the bus or come up with excuses).
  2. Figure out what you can do to fix it, which may mean anything from just double and triple checking your work next time to volunteering to help the partner take whatever steps need to be done to mitigate the damage. 

In the meantime: 

(Follow this whole tumblr, while you’re at it. I wish it existed when I was a first year. It helps.)

The Dude is currently on day 5 of a 12-day business trip. I’ve lost count of how many trips he’s had to go on so far this year. 

The thing about knowing that you’ve found your person is that you can spend your time with lots of other people, and you can fill your days with activities, but when that person is gone, you come home at the end of the night and you still feel empty. 

Thank god for Netflix.



Modern cell phones are not just another technological convenience. With all they contain and all they may reveal, they hold for many Americans the privacies of life.
Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.